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From Camping to Glamping -- How to Keep Your Hair Looking Fantastic When On a Camping Trip

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If you're off on a camping trip, the last thing you need is to be lugging around bottles of shampoo and conditioners and other hair care products. However, if you're not one to let your hair routine fall apart when you go camping, no worries! There are ways you can bring hair care products with you that will mean little extra bulk but a lot more glam! Outshine your friends in style with the following tips:

Embrace solid hair care

There are brands that make solid shampoos and conditioners that are great to take on camping trips with you. These little wonders look like a bar of soap, but you rub them on your head and they do the work of a regular shampoo or conditioner. They are perfect to use as they are compact and can be easily stored in a tin or sealable bag after use.

Go tiny

You don't have to leave your favourite products at home. Simply decant liquid hairdressing supplies into small, plastic, travel-sized containers for ease of use. Or look for mini sizes of your favourite products; many brands do mini versions of products like hairspray, serum, shampoo and conditioner that are inexpensive and very practical!

Stay dry

Dry shampoo is an excellent choice to tuck away in your bag when you go camping. To use, you simply spritz the spray into your hair, massage it into your roots with your fingers then comb it out. Et voilĂ , no more grease! However, be careful how much you put in, as a build-up of dry shampoo can make your hair look even worse than when you started. Start small, and build up. Also, dry shampoo doesn't work on everyone, so give it a try before you set off on your camping trip so you know if it's right for you.

Indulge your inner hippie

If you want fab hair while camping but don't want to carry a horde of products around with you, there are other ways of making your hair look cute, even when oily and dishevelled. Bandanas are an excellent choice for instant hippie-girl chic, as are cute pigtails. Or get a fancy hat and use that to cover greasy or frizzy locks; no one needs to know what's going on underneath your cute headpiece. You'll look effortless and stylish at the same time! What more could you ask for when on a camping trip?