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How to Elongate Round Eyes

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Do you find that your eyes look droopy when you wear eyeliner? And do you envy the almond-shaped eyes of celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Mila Kunis? If so, it's probable that you have round eyes. Well, first off, good for you! Round eyes can make you look cute and young, but if what you're after is more of a mature, glamorous look, what can you do? Luckily, you can easily cheat the look of almond-shaped eyes using the right makeup techniques. Read on for some ideas on how to go from sweet to sexy in just a few simple steps.

Define your eyes with shadow

Firstly, you want to apply a shadow all over your lid. Use a beige or champagne highlighting shadow all over with a big, fluffy brush, making sure you extend it into the tear duct; if the tear duct is light, it will have the effect of the corners of your eyes being pushed further apart. Now, take a mid-tone shadow and use it in your crease of your eye, making sure you blend it well with your brush. This simple shadow look will define the eye beautifully, creating a nice base for your eyeliner.

Create a cat eye

To elongate the eyes most effectively, a flick is a great look. Try using a gel or cream eyeliner, as these are probably the easiest to work with, especially if applied using a small angled brush. To achieve the perfect cat eye, draw the flick first, starting in the outer corner and extending it up towards the outer tip of your brows. The flick needn't be dramatic unless you want it to be. If you're new to eyeliner, start small, and instead of doing one long line, simply do a series of short strokes with the eyeliner brush to achieve the perfect line. 

Now, draw the line along the base of the upper lashes, still using short strokes, and stop about 2/3 of the way in. The line needn't be thick; in fact, a thin black line will look more elegant.

If you're not used to doing eyeliner, no worries. The great thing with makeup is that it is temporary; if you make a mistake, simply get your makeup remover out and start again. Practice makes perfect, so keep trying this step and eventually you'll be a pro.

Frame your eyes with mascara

Next, give your lashes a good curl, and apply a few coats of lengthening mascara; try and use the mascara wand to fan out your lashes even more in the outer corners to make your eyes look wider.  You can do this by adding a few more coats to the outer lashes. 

Et voilĂ , a beautiful almond-shaped eye look that would turn Angelina Jolie green with envy!