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How to Store Spare Hair Extensions

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If you've decided to save some money by buying wholesale hair extensions in bulk online, you may be wondering how to store the extensions until you need to use them. While you can store unused extensions in their original packaging, storage becomes a bit trickier if you've bought reusable extensions and have worn them already. In this instance, you need to prepare the extensions for storage and find ways to store them safely.

Preparing Hair Extensions for Storage

Hair extensions may run into trouble if you store them after wearing them, especially if you've used products to style your hair. Products may change the colour of hair extensions over time; they can also change the texture, making the hair hard to comb out when you want to wear it again.

The first thing you should do before storing extensions is to wash them. As well as removing any residual products, this will also get rid of any everyday dust or grime that the hair may have attracted from the air. You can use your regular shampoo to do this unless the extension's manufacturer recommends against using shampoo – some hair extensions may need to be washed using special cleaners.

Once you've washed your extensions, you should gently brush or comb them through to remove any tangles. It's important to then make sure that the extensions dry completely before you store them. If you store hair extensions when they are damp, they may get mouldy or start to smell bad. If the manufacturer recommends against using a hair dryer, you should allow the extensions to air dry, ideally by hanging them up to allow air to circulate around them.

Hair Extension Storage Tips

While arranging your hair extensions on a board in your bedroom may look fairly groovy, this may damage the hair. Ideally, you shouldn't store extensions in direct sunlight, which may mottle or fade their colours. It's better to store extensions in a drawer, cupboard or wardrobe where they'll be protected from light.

The way you store your hair extensions is also important. You can store your extensions in plastic bags or boxes; however, it's worth finding bags or boxes big enough so you don't have to fold over the hair too much. You may also want to take care to keep extensions separate from each other so that they don't tangle up together when you store them. For example, if you store several extensions in one box, you can try separating them into layers using paper or cardboard.

It's worth putting the effort into preparing and storing your hair extensions correctly. If you suddenly decide to wear a stored extension, you'll have a better chance of being able to use it immediately without having to fix any problems. Taking good care of your extensions also makes them last longer.