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Pubic Hair Removal For Men: Four Things You Need To Know

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Australian beauticians have reported an increase in demand for intimate male grooming over recent years. In fact, one survey found that 60 percent of heterosexual Australian men remove some or all of their pubic hair. If you're thinking of doing some grooming downstairs, make sure you know what you're doing with the four following important facts.

It's not permanent

Unless you opt for laser treatment, pubic hair removal is not permanent. It doesn't matter if you shave, wax or use a special cream – your hair will eventually return. What's more, grooming will not lead to either faster or slower hair growth. The hair will not become thicker or sparser, either. You will have the same number of hair follicles before and after grooming.

Removing pubic hair will not get rid of sexually-transmitted infections

Some people believe that removing pubic hair will help them get rid of crabs and other sexually-transmitted infections. This is not true. Once infected, you will need a special chemical to eradicate crabs. What's more, a lack of pubic hair will not cut the risk of other infections, although hair removal can make it easier to keep clean and avoid unwanted odours down below.

Pubic hair removal is not a gay thing

Some men incorrectly believe that only gay men groom their pubic area in this way. In fact, studies show that the practice is now equally popular among gay and straight men. What's more, many women appreciate a man with groomed or removed pubic hair. Many straight men also find that intimate grooming can improve sexual contact and intimacy, as smoother skin in this areas is often more sensitive to the touch.

There is a risk of infection

There is a risk of infection after grooming. While many men now visit a professional beauty salon for this sort of thing, DIY hair removal at home is often less hygienic. What's more, some men fail to look after their skin during the process. For example, a pre-shave oil can reduce the risk of an ingrown hair, while an antiseptic cream can soothe minor nicks or irritations and avoid infection.

Folliculitis is a type of infection that occurs in the hair follicle when a certain type of bacteria invades. Recently shaved hairs may re-grow out of the follicle and curl back around, irritating the skin and increasing the risk of infection. If you don't know what you're doing, it's a good idea to get a professional to get rid of the hair for you.

Intimate grooming is increasingly popular with Australian men. Talk to a professional hair removal salon for more information and advice. If you're interested in permanent hair removal, visit a company that performs laser hair removal.