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Hair Removal | 4 Strategies To Make Your Waxing Hair Removal Effort Painless

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Many women experience tremendous pain when they get hair removed through waxing, shaving, laser or other hair removal techniques. From ingrown hairs and dead cells to sensitive and dry skin, the pain sometimes seems excruciating in your quest for smooth and hair-free skin. This guide shows you smart strategies to make your waxing hair removal effort painless.

Exfoliate Your Skin Before Waxing

A few days before you decide to wax, get your skin gently exfoliated. The process of exfoliation is undertaken to remove old and dead cells on the outer surface of your skin, which can hamper the waxing effort. Exfoliation helps the wax grab hair more easily, instead of latching on to dead skin. This ensures that hair comes out cleanly and prevents the growth of ingrown hairs. An exfoliating acid serum available at beauty stores is enough to dissolve dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hair growth. This ensures that the beautician doesn't have to apply the wax to one area frequently because ingrown hair refuses to come out.

Let Your Hair Grow Long Enough For Wax To Grip It

When your hair is too short, wax won't be able to grip it well enough for efficient hair removal. This means that the beautician will have to keep applying wax to the area to get all the hair out, and it can end up being an incredibly painful process. Let your hair grow long enough to allow the wax to grip it properly for a less painful waxing hair removal process.

Apply Moisturiser Regularly Before And After You Wax

Moisturise well a few days before your waxing appointment because this enables wax to release from your skin more easily and less painfully. Avoid moisturising on the day of your waxing appointment because moisturiser can coat your hair and prevent proper wax grip. Once your waxing session is complete, use a moisturiser immediately to soothe and keep skin soft.

Don't Get Waxed Just Before Or During Your Menstrual Cycle

Keep in mind that your skin is usually more sensitive just before and during your menstrual cycle because your hormone levels experience shifts and changes. Getting your skin waxed during this time may end up being excruciatingly agonising because your threshold for pain is far lower. Instead, your best option is to wait until after your period for a less painful hair removal waxing session.

Follow these smart strategies in your quest to make your waxing hair removal effort as painless as you possibly can.