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Working tips on preserving your wedding dress

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So you've just married the man of your dreams, and the wedding was a blast. But there's something in your closet that's bothering you: your used wedding dress. It's perhaps the most expensive piece of clothing you've got, and you don't know what to do with it. It's at this point that you may need to preserve the dress. If you wish to keep the dress in top notch condition, here are some valuable tips you need to consider.

Don't wait too long

The wedding dress has probably absorbed some dirt from your body and during the wedding as well. All that sweat and body oil can really ruin the dress and create permanent marks on it if you don't make the right decision. Delaying the cleaning process for long would create even more stubborn that are harder to deal with. Stains sink deeper and deeper into the fabric when they are left on the dress. This is even more prominent if your dress is designed with delicate silk.

As you're searching for the best dry cleaning service, store the dress well. For starters, avoid plastic. Wrapping your dress in plastic is simply asking for trouble. The plastic traps moisture and facilitates the growth of mould. Also, use padded hangers when hanging your wedding dress. The padding prevents the fabric from being distorted.

Get a preservationist

Choosing a preservationist is no easy task. This is your wedding dress, and you need to ensure that you find the right company to do the dry cleaning for you. First things first, go for specialists. You need to ensure that your dry cleaner deals with wedding dresses. Wedding dresses are a bit more complicated; they've got complex designs and unique fabrics.

The dry cleaning professional also needs to know how differently these gowns are constructed, and the proper cleaning methods for each of them. So ensure you ask questions. Inquire if they use hand clean or pre-treat and stained areas of the dress. It's important that the preservationist pays attention to detail.

The packaging matters

Even after you've found the best dry cleaning, you still have a lot to do. How you treat your dress afterwards determines how long it would last. Keeping it in a pH-neutral box is one of the best ways to store the dress. Ensure that the box is a porous material that allows air flow in and out. This make the dress breath well.

Also avoid storing the dress together with other jewellery or shoes. This creates potential for problems as the jewellery may harm the fabric. Oh, remember to wear gloves when handling the dress, too!