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Top Ingredients to look for In Natural Skin Care Treatments

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The overall perception that some people have about skin care is that you have to invest in expensive beauty products to help you achieve smooth and healthy skin. However, your skin care regimen does not have to consist of an inventory of high-end creams, toners and moisturisers. In reality, there are multitudes of natural ingredients that can combat numerous problems that you may be facing with your skin. Additionally, natural skin care treatments tend to be hypoallergenic and do not pose the risk of adverse side effects. Read More»

Working tips on preserving your wedding dress

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So you’ve just married the man of your dreams, and the wedding was a blast. But there’s something in your closet that’s bothering you: your used wedding dress. It’s perhaps the most expensive piece of clothing you’ve got, and you don’t know what to do with it. It’s at this point that you may need to preserve the dress. If you wish to keep the dress in top notch condition, here are some valuable tips you need to consider. Read More»

Pubic Hair Removal For Men: Four Things You Need To Know

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Australian beauticians have reported an increase in demand for intimate male grooming over recent years. In fact, one survey found that 60 percent of heterosexual Australian men remove some or all of their pubic hair. If you’re thinking of doing some grooming downstairs, make sure you know what you’re doing with the four following important facts. It’s not permanent Unless you opt for laser treatment, pubic hair removal is not permanent. It doesn’t matter if you shave, wax or use a special cream – your hair will eventually return. Read More»

How to Elongate Round Eyes

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Do you find that your eyes look droopy when you wear eyeliner? And do you envy the almond-shaped eyes of celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Mila Kunis? If so, it’s probable that you have round eyes. Well, first off, good for you! Round eyes can make you look cute and young, but if what you’re after is more of a mature, glamorous look, what can you do? Luckily, you can easily cheat the look of almond-shaped eyes using the right makeup techniques. Read More»

From Camping to Glamping -- How to Keep Your Hair Looking Fantastic When On a Camping Trip

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If you’re off on a camping trip, the last thing you need is to be lugging around bottles of shampoo and conditioners and other hair care products. However, if you’re not one to let your hair routine fall apart when you go camping, no worries! There are ways you can bring hair care products with you that will mean little extra bulk but a lot more glam! Outshine your friends in style with the following tips: Read More»